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2014 Hit-a-Thon Collections

While the Hit-a-Thon has come and gone, there is still work to be done in collecting pledges. Pledge Forms and collected pledge money are due to your team’s Hit-a-Thon Coordinator by Friday, May 9th. Hit-a-Thon documents, including the Pledge Form, details regarding the Incentive Program, and how Hit-a-Thon supports the League, are available on the NESLL website under theForms and Documents section. 

Hit-a-Thon is the League’s ONLY fundraiser! So please be diligent in collecting your pledges and thoughtful with your own contributions. Funds raised will be used to pay for field and program improvements. Hit-a-Thon pledges and all donations to NESLL are tax-deductible. Also, if you work for a company that offers matching for charitable gifts, please remember to further extend your Hit-a-Thon donation through that generous benefit. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of the League!


- Your Northeast Seattle Little League Board  

Hit-a-Thon pledges and all donations to NESLL are tax-deductible.

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Northeast Seattle Little League (NESLL) is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to promote, develop, and supervise all children interested in Little League baseball and softball. We are one of the largest programs in Seattle with over 1,000 participants! NESLL’s mission is to implant firmly in the children of our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.


Much as it was in 1939, when the Lycoming Dairy and Lundy Lumber teams met in the first official Little League Baseball game, NESLL baseball is about community volunteers providing an opportunity for neighborhood youngsters to play the great games of baseball and softball, sponsored by great neighborhood businesses that care enough to invest in our youth and our community.


We want to compete, but even more importantly, we want our children to learn life lessons and have a positive experience while playing the game of baseball. We will compete with honor and integrity.



UPDATE: Little League International Expands Ban On Composite Bats

Little League International has extended the moratorium on the use of composite bats to cover all Baseball Divisions of Little League, effective immediately.  If you recently purchased or received a composite bat, please be advised that currently it cannot be used in game, practice, or any other Little League sanctioned activity for Majors Baseball Division and below.  For Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions, some composite bat models have received a waiver and may be used.  This moratorium does not apply to any Softball Divisions.  Full details are available in the official release from Little League International.  In addtion, a Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) article regarding the moratorium is available, which includes a link to the list of licensed (non composite-barreled) bats currently approved for use in Majors (ages 11-12) Division and below.



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Parents and Fans 


Thanks for all your support for NESLL baseball and softball, and especially for coming out to the field and cheering on your team and all the players from every team. Here are a couple reminders for parents and fans to ensure that NESLL games are fun for all:


·    Be a positive role model during games and at all NESLL events.

·    Always be positive and enthusiastic.

·    Show your child positive reinforcement.

·    Be curteous and positive with every child on both teams. Do not make negative comments about any player - they are only children doing the best they can and they need your support.  

·    Encourage your child toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship.

·    Teach your child to always play by the rules.

·    Teach your child that a best effort is more important than a win.

·    Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team.

·    Let the managers and coaches do the coaching.

·    Let the umpire be the umpire.


Please remember, use of alcohol is illegal at City of Seattle Parks and Seattle School District grounds, and is strictly prohibited by NESLL Manager Code of Conduct, Parent Code of Conduct, and Little League regulations. Managers and Board Directors are required to regulate this, and the Board may issue strict disciplinary actions, including suspension of managers and coaches upon violation of this requirement. Thanks for your help and support in demanding that our baseball and softball environment is free from alcohol and for refraining from the use of alcohol at all NESLL events. 






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